more about cassie & erin


We are Ox and Opal — a bridal shop for women. Anchored in metro Detroit, we bring a new approach to choosing the perfect dress, jewelry, and more. We believe women should be visible, confounding, and liberated to truly show themselves on their wedding day. From the moment we meet you, we are committed to finding unique pieces that make up the day of your dreams. Because for once, this was made for you.

Erin and Cassie co-founded Ox and Opal with you in mind. As self-made professionals in the wedding industry for over a decade, Erin and Cassie found that though the Detroit area is saturated in bridal shops and vendors, all but a few of them are designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality. This began a conversation between Erin and Cassie, and they discovered they each wanted to open a bridal shop in Metro Detroit that is as unique as the area itself. With years of wedding experience and a passion for real girls to have their best day, Erin and Cassie collaborated to launch Ox and Opal.

Do you like the NBC smash-hit Parks and Recreation? We hope so. In the show Parks and Rec, the lead character Leslie Knope describes her friend Ann Perkins as, “a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox,” and, “an opalescent tree shark.” We combined the two compliments into one, which is where the name Ox and Opal comes from. It’s a nod to our favorite show, but more than that, it’s how we want you to feel in our shop. We want every size, color, creed, and ‘type’ of woman who enters our doors to feel at home, known as herself, and celebrated. That’s who we are; it’s who you are. Ox and Opal.



Mission Statement:

“Ox & Opal is made for brides who wouldn't call themselves classic. We strive to bring a new approach to the bridal industry by utilizing our expertise in the photography world to creatively, and accurately represent women; FINALLY. Ox & Opal curates a well thought out client experience by bringing local artisans, independent designers, and vintage finds together all in one place.”